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January, Van FUNraiser, 90s sitcoms & TOUR DATES!

(photo by John Hanson, Chicago)

Dear Friends,

Did everyone have the happiest of holiday seasons? We sure hope you did! Did you get a tad spoiled and then strut around all fancy free in the abundance of snazzy gifts your grandmother bestowed upon you, her generosity reaching a new high of almost embarrassing proportions? Perhaps I’m projecting.

Dessie’s Retirement FUNraiser has already generated substantial funding toward a new touring vehicle. Thanks so very much to everyone who has checked it out and contributed thus far. For those of you haven’t heard, there’s a delicious menu of rare FR treats up now at FR.com, including: unreleased demo recordings, obscure live recordings, concert tickets, dinner with the band, personalized songwriting services, banjo or saw lessons, house concerts, and more. And all proceeds go to the purchase of a new vehicle to sustain the ongoing delivery of our little internal world to the greater external world.

Also: if you missed it, you REALLY need to check out Matthew’s relentlessly nostalgic¬†article: The Definitive 2010 “Best Of” List (with Exclusive Regard to 1990s Radio Hits: in an Eclectic, Shameless, Non-discriminant, Being-Honest-with-Our-Past Manner of Speaking).

It only took him 72 hours to compile!

So, we’ve taken a little time off this winter to decompress. Don’t worry! We’re kicking off our first tour dates of Twenty-Eleven on January 18 in Lexington, Kentucky. Check out the full tour dates here.

The Press page is now a thoroughly compartmentalized catalog of past interviews, video blog performances, reviews, etc.

Deadmalls and Nightfalls was named one of the “Best of 2010″ by eMusic, AllMusic, and several other reputable people with ears. 89FM in East Lansing even picked “Silverfishes” as the “#1 Song of the Year”. You can check all that out on the Press page, too–as well as our favorite Frontier Ruckus cover renditions posted by delightful humans on the You-Tube. Then go to The Off-Ramp Island to discuss all things Frontier Ruckus, where Davey is poised to release a plethora of banjo tablature.

Follow Matthew’s moment-by-moment commentary of 90s sitcom reruns on Twitter. Join our ranks on Facebook. Roam the enormous deadmall infrastructure that is Myspace, if you so wish.

Here is a video of us when we were singing a song in the overflowing holiday spirit.

See you in the thawing, with some gushing rebirth rushing in earshot,

Frontier Ruckus

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