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New ‘Memory Exchange’ Matthew Milia Art Project

New Matthew Milia/SITCOM UNIVERSE ‘Memory Exchange’ art project: you supply a graphic synopsis of your most idyllic and/or terrifying childhood memory and Matthew interprets it through a mixed media 18×24″ piece. You receive the original work. $75 (15 available)

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  1. Dylan on July 29, 2014:

    This idea is cool – Would gladly buy a short song interpretation!

    Let me know if that’s ever available.

    Memory is running around in suburban neighbourhood in Sudbury ON Canada, about 7yrs old with my cousins, hot summer day, swimming in the backyard pool, a big rainstorm comes out of nowhere, we run wildly laughing and shrieking around the neighbourhood, into the pool again, more running, into the neighbours hottub, out again, the neighbour kids joined, felt like hours, probably only fifteen minutes of play — most joyous/exciting memory I have for sure

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