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50 More Handwritten Lyric Sheets to a FR Song of Your Choice Added

Matthew just opened up 50 more possible orders for handwritten lyrics to a Frontier Ruckus song of your choice. You can order your individually penned lyric sheet, in scrawled Catholic-school-taught cursive, here (dedications welcome):

Your song choice:

Crabapples in the Century’s Storm

Darling Anonymity

Bathroom Stall Hypnosis

Pre-Order “Sitcom Afterlife”

Pre-order Sitcom Afterlife—the 4th Frontier Ruckus LP— on Vinyl/CD/Digital here or at iTunes here.

1. The Splendid World
2. Bathroom Stall Hypnosis
3. Sad Modernity
4. Very Well
5. Crabapples In The Century’s Storm
6. Darling Anonymity
7. Down In The Morning We Thought We’d Never Lose
8. Little Henrietta
9. Counterfeits
10. A&W Orange and Brown

“Sad Modernity”—the 1st Single from Sitcom Afterlife

“Sad Modernity”—the 1st single from Frontier Ruckus’ 4th LP, Sitcom Universe.

Own a one-of-a-kind recording of a Frontier Ruckus song + Handwritten lyrics

You pick a Frontier Ruckus song. Matthew makes a personal recording of it. Sends it to you with handwritten lyrics. The recording is erased & you are the only person in the world with it in their possession. Dedications for yourself or a friend welcome.

$30 –

New ‘Memory Exchange’ Matthew Milia Art Project

New Matthew Milia/SITCOM UNIVERSE ‘Memory Exchange’ art project: you supply a graphic synopsis of your most idyllic and/or terrifying childhood memory and Matthew interprets it through a mixed media 18×24″ piece. You receive the original work. $75 (15 available)

First of Super Intimate Frontier Ruckus Living Room Shows Announced

Feb. 28th- Mt. Pleasant, MI. http://bit.ly/1jLKJf9
Mar. 1st- Lansing, MI. http://bit.ly/1jtJ688
Mar 6th- Grand Rapids, MI. http://bit.ly/1eNEyFs
Mar. 7th- Chicago, IL. http://bit.ly/19UMpCe
Mar 8th- Louisville, KY. http://bit.ly/1hU2Ui6
Mar. 14th- Ann Arbor, MI. http://bit.ly/1eNE7uO
Mar. 15th- Kalamazoo, MI. http://bit.ly/1htEf3d

15 New Frontier Ruckus ‘Song Illustrations’ by Matthew Milia Available for Order

Matthew recently created and sold 15 Frontier Ruckus “song illustrations”—pen and watercolor drawings depicting a song of the purchaser’s choice. This is the 15th piece, “Rosemont”—for his mother.

15 new 18×24″ song illustrations are now available. You will receive the ORIGINAL artwork on thick, nice quality watercolor stock paper. Click here:

Songs already chosen are listed below, but any other Frontier Ruckus song, however obscure, is fair game:
The Blood
Careening Catalog Immemorial
Pontiac, the Nightbrink
I Met Rebecca
The Upper Room
Mona and Emmy
Crabapples in the Century’s Storm
Granduncles of St. Lawrence County
In Protection of Sylvan Manor
If the Suns Collapse
Does Me In
Sad Modernity
Open It Up
The Latter Days