“…delicate, finger-picked banjos, aching, oaky violin and the haunting voice of frontman Matthew Milia, who conjures what might happen had Neutral Milk Hotel’s Jeff Mangum been raised in a log cabin. Their songs are full of rich, rural details: frozen lakes, swaying trees, highway lights glowing in the deep night. Add to the mix baleful brass and trembling percussion, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for Gothic Americana.” – Rolling Stone

“Milia’s melodies have their own gait and sway, some of it created by the sheer volume of words they have to support…Yet the setting of his songs comes from its own place. While the music may flirt with mythologized notions of the rural and the rustic – as do all Americana albums – Milia’s words obsess on the most suburban images possible.” – New York Daily News

“The literate angst and spare, elegant sound of 2010’s Deadmalls & Nightfalls, powered by a handful of acoustic instruments… and some tactfully applied horns… suggests a middle ground between the Palace Brothers and Sufjan Stevens, but the effect feels more like the shared experiences of Midwestern brethren than any conscious borrowing, and Milia and his bandmates give this album a full and satisfying sound without sacrificing the open spaces that add so much to the power of this music.” – All Music Guide

“On the surface their music is a careful blend of folk and bluegrass, but below the obvious layer many fans sensed an intangible element ingrained within the notes and lyrics Frontier Ruckus, through some kind of rare ability, turned memories into melodies and transformed a from-the-inside-out examination of their native Michigan into a creaky back-porch storytelling session relevant well beyond the Great Lakes. Deadmalls and Nightfalls is a musical map to the psyches of its performers. You will want to know the words by heart to sing under the haze of summer starlight, alongside the roaming river, while drifting down forgotten backroads, and contemplating the causes and effects of urban sprawl.” – PopMatters

“Deadmalls and Nightfalls also paints pictures, in vivid imagery of American scenery, life, and love, with not a single word misplaced in its poetic grace. Deadmalls and Nightfalls is an album meant to be combed through and listened to time and again, an album to bask in.” – Under the Radar

“(Frontier Ruckus) brings a contemporary angle to its music, eschewing traditional tales of trains, whiskey and rambling for reflections on suburbia, family and ‘life on the edge of the interstate.’” – NPR Music

“…the band are at their blinding best.” – 8/10 – Uncut Magazine

“…one of the new century’s most exciting folk-rock bands’” – Cleveland Scene

“So what do banjos, dobros, trumpets, alto horn and a singing saw have in common? One wouldn’t think very much were it not for Frontier Ruckus, a citified quintet of rustic folkies whose name belies their mournful melodies. Though they hail from Detroit, their songs evoke the loneliness and isolation of a dust-blown prairie. It’s a feeling owed in large measure to vocalist Matthew Milia, a star in the making…However this is no downer. Even in the face of that pervasive yearning, Deadmalls & Nightfalls boasts an unassuming, unfettered appeal that grows more affecting with each successive hearing.” – Blurt


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In-Studio/Video Bloggy Performances

Daytrotter 1
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The Blue Indian (Macon, Georgia): 1, 1a, 2
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Impact 89FM 1, 2, 3, 4 (East Lansing, MI 2008)
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Impact 89FM 1, 2 (East Lansing, MI 2010—Matthew solo)
Impact 89FM 1, 2 (East Lansing, MI 2011)
Metro Times (leftover videos from cover shoot around ‘Orion Town’): 1, 2, 3, 4
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Deadmalls and Nightfalls

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Blogs, Live Reviews, Miscellany, Etc.

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Favorite YouTube findings

Frontier Ruckus Covers

Rosemont sung adorably by a little girl
Mona and Emmy in the woods
Mona and Emmy by a full band
Does Me In dock emulation
June Is Our Mother’s Name
Driving Home, Christmas Eve Dylanesque lyric card music video interpretation
Orion Town 3 with overdubs
Orion Town 3 with whistling
Nerves of the Nightmind sung by an entire class of 4th graders
Nerves of the Nightmind brown-bagging
Nerves of the Nightmind fingerpicked
Nerves of the Nightmind in darkness
Nerves of the Nightmind staccato
What You Are candle-lit group meeting séance
The Latter Days on mandolin
Dark Autumn Hour in mirror
Dark Autumn Hour on ukelele 1
Dark Autumn Hour on ukelele 2
Dark Autumn Hour on banjo
Dark Autumn Hour with Labatt Blue endorsement
Dark Autumn Hour beard
Dark Autumn Hour beardier (where did he go?)
Dark Autumn Hour during internet outage
Dark Autumn Hour left-handed
Dark Autumn Hour strummed

Fan Videos

Orion Town 2 (set to really pretty video of shotguns and clay pigeons)
Orion Town 3 (amazing promo for Portland, Maine show)
How Could I Abandon?

Favorite Arbitrary Live Captures

Various FR adventures in Noordbroek, The Netherlands
Mount Marcy rainy deck in Portland, Maine
The Upper Room in Boston in front of stage
Village Green Records Muncie, IN
Bed-Stuy Brooklyn house show: 1, 2


A young Matthew Milia being dragged through snow by his childhood dog for 90s local cable TV promo
Awesome synth cover of The Blood
Foggy Lilac Windows animals dancing
Orion Town 3 anti-smoking
A smiling Dutch woman sways to Frontier Ruckus in Noordbroek, the Netherlands
Funny promo for Banjo-B-Que Festival