Enter the Kingdom (2017)

"Enter the Kingdom" - directed by Jay Curtis Miller

"Our Flowers Are Still Burning" - directed by Frontier Ruckus & Joe Angelini

"27 Dollars" - directed by Noah Elliott Morrison

Sitcom Afterlife (2014)

"Sad Modernity" - directed by Frontier Ruckus and Noah Elliott Morrison

"The Splendid World" - directed by John Hanson

"Bathroom Stall Hypnosis" - directed by Weston Allen & Dorian Electra

Eternity of Dimming (2013)

"Dealerships" - directed by Frontier Ruckus & John Hanson

"Careening Catalog Immemorial" - directed by David Meiklejohn

"Black Holes" - directed by Christine Hucal

Deadmalls & Nightfalls (2010)

"The Upper Room" - directed by David Meiklejohn

"Does Me In / The Tower" - directed by Matthew Milia & Richard Maisano

"Nerves of the Nightmind" - directed by Michael Fiske

Way Upstate and the Crippled Summer Pts. 1 & 2 (2009, 2011)

"Mona and Emmy" - directed by John Hanson

"Driving Home, Christmas Eve" - directed by Matthew Milia & Richard Maisano

The Orion Songbook (2008)

"Animals Need Animals" (alternate) - directed by Matthew Milia & Richard Maisano

"What You Are" - directed by James Alexander Grieves

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