Eternity of Dimming (2013)

1. Eyelashes
2. Black Holes
3. Thermostat
4. Birthday Girl
5. Junk Drawer-Sorrow
6. The Black-Ice World
7. I Buried You So Deep
8. Granduncles of St. Lawrence County
9. Bike Trail
10. I Met Rebecca
11. Eternity of Dimming
12. If the Suns Collapse
13. Nightmares of Space
14. Surgery
15. If the Summer
16. In Protection of Sylvan Manor
17. Dealerships
18. Funeral Family Flowers
19. Open It Up
20. Careening Catalog Immemorial

All songs by Matthew Milia

Release date: January 29, 2013
Label: Quite Scientific Records (USA)/Loose Music (UK/EU)
Recorded: Ann Arbor, MI: Backseat Productions
Engineer: Jim Roll

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