Thermostat by Matthew Milia

Meet me in the Christmas mall
If this fall I’m swollen
With hot air the heaters blare
Which no one is controlling
And filling up my entire world
And making me feel so young
But old enough to notice that
The thermostat has been stolen

Hey, my best friend
A smile so narrow
Can point like an arrow
To the end of you, and
Oh, how we tend
To pray soft and lowly
For past worlds to slowly
Mend and then
Render tenderly

A brilliantly thawing overpass
The slush shoots out sun like a magnifying
Glass in your eye
Oh my, what it can imply
Makes me cry
You were not so impatient then
Commuter stations of black-night men
God, it makes me think of when
Where was enough without why

Hey, Mary-Lynn
Some moments are frozen
And constantly chosen to win

The grin from within, yeah

Oh, it's always been
So why weep over
Some grade-school sleepover again?
It disintegrates and
The red-faced shame mates with beauty

But in fifteen years
Somerset Mall will be
Just like them all
Summit Place
Dump it all to waste

Is that just what you do when you get bored?
Send a postcard to the Lord
Of the opposite gender
No need to stress, no return address
To fear it may come back to sender

A deer knelt down on the midnight crown of
Someone's front lawn bathed in our headlights
They're white as suns but now we're the ones
Flooding other people's windows with brights

Oh, my little punctured cup
What am I gonna do with you?
Every time I fill you up
There’s something spilling out of you
And filling up my entire world
And making it all so wet
I do believe I can never leave
Every person that
I’ve ever met