June Is Our Mother's Name by Matthew Milia

People barking
They’re calling the good old summer down
They’re gonna have a filthy roll around

Birds are speaking
They’re wondering why we’re singing
High notes for the air to kiss onto the

But you love your tune
And I love my tune
And you love my tune
And I love your tune
In harmony they croon
All throughout June
Together they bloom
Something like
It’s a little bit like this

Mine’s back again
It’s my only friend, I’m gonna send an old lake-bottom to

Insects knowing yards are bathed in light
They don’t sleep at night
It’ll be alright, when my farmhouse is with

Haven’t seen you
In years, your fragrance is pouring back
With the mugginess of the black
Midnight holiest way to say
June’s my mother’s name

Appears on I Am the Water You Are Pumping