How Could I Abandon? by Matthew Milia

Your kitchen window
Where I would do the dishes
Neck-deep in the wash and drunken
Do your windows still glow
Like the gaping orifices
Of a burning pumpkin?

How could I abandon my only companion?
But I did
The night strikes at random
And I was not planning
To dim

Now early Aprils
Fill my nostrils
With the road-kills
Of the skunks
Every spring-girl
Handsome and plural
Are swaying sloppy high-heeled drunks

Now that
I’ve abandoned my only companion
Yes I see
She halved the burden
Now it’s been expanding
And hurting horribly

And it used to be
Early Aprils filled my nostrils
With such possibility
Now the sun’s my maker
And forsaker
Undertaker and
I’m guilty