Down In the Morning We Thought We'd Never Lose by Matthew Milia

Down in the morning we thought we'd never lose
I saw everything
It startled me
I briefly knew what you were gonna do

I sprinted that night all the way to the bar
'Cause I smelled danger all around our little star
The galaxy
Was blacker than the one I thought we knew

At the jukebox I stared across
At the display
You were putting on
I thought I'd gone to hell that day
Who were you when you were laughing
In that horrid way?
Next to him
What made it dim, our special day?
When we were

Down in the morning we thought we'd never lose
Drowned in your fried eggs
I'd sweep the glory of your unshaved legs

I wonder where the moments go when they die?
The quotient's too imbalanced to ever truly fly
And that is why
They eventually just settle down to dregs

But on that day
The squirrel dragged its way across
The bike trail where we did fail
To save its loss
Maimed and lame is what we became
In the coin toss
All the same, nobody came
To claim the dross
It's piling

Down in the morning we thought we'd never lose
Where I'm still sleeping in
It's a lazy sin
Please don't wake me when you go to work

When I came to
The thought of you
Fiercely pierced my
Bothered skin
Grandfathered in
To fence the present tense
Inside a murk

I can't bear to think of where
The moments go
The underwear peels and reveals
A layer so slow
Do I dare to think of there
That others now know?
The pubic hair and cubic square
Of every strand of banded glow

Down in the morning we thought we'd never lose

On your sister's pull-out couch
Where you heard me vouch
For the existence of what's inside
It was true
Until it died
But what killed it?
You willed it

And I woke up

Appears on Sitcom Afterlife